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Culture Wars: one step forward one step back
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Former UN worker barred from charity gig because incorrectly ‘authentic’. If this is true (link from popjustice) then things are worse than we thought. The alliance of bleeding heart crypto-liberalism with the elitism of the arts open up […]

INVENTION OF BAD (parents’ edn)
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following up tom’s post, i just realised i carry in my head a kind of “old person’s equivalent to kid’s free pass” in ref pop cult stuff: viz that if my dad (and obv it applied to my mum too) expressed liking for somethi[…]

dept of poetic outcomes (eu division)
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i. is it really actually true that not so long ago, chirac went on TV w. a purple balloon labelled “plan b” and popped it w. a pin??!?
ii. noting placing of france in eurovision song contest – ie LAST – can we expect relegatio[…]

So ya / thought ya / might like to… go to The Show
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Talent In A Previous Life‘s review of the Glasgow Girls Aloud gig 2 weeks ago. The most exhaustive description of the show I’ve seen in a pop-blog, and though the actual performance I saw differed in only minor details (the ‘g-g-g-g[…]

Alan Jackson-Talking Repair Man Blues.
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Alan Jackson
Talking Repair Man Blues.
Alan Jackson is the best example of countryist, a historically minded obsession with purity mars the rest of his music and this is the latest example, after examples like Gone Country (which, even with the huge[…]


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(actually of course by the 51st century this is a hopelessly quaint and inadequate formulation)[…]

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that is all[…]


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(viz SYNCHRO obv)
yesterday wz the GOLDEN GOGGLES AWARD for swimmin pools good and bad (and shut down)
it wz presented in uber-classic synchro/performance art format: viz happened in an EMPTY SWIMMIN POOL DO YOU SEE! (step forward marshall street po[…]

Peckham Pet-Tastic
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Down in Sunny Peckham something’s happening.
You can call it socially engaged practice, you can call it democratised art, you can call it goofy fun, but we can all agree it’s Pet-Tastic.
I think I was unsuccessful in my attempts to pers[…]


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