• Why, Claudius? – Zeus, By Jove!
    Now, where were we? Ah yes – Rome was awash with purged blood and uncomfortable alliances. In this week’s opening flash-forward, Old Clavdivs is fiddling, with ink-stained fingers, the jade talisman that failed to keep Germanicus safe. Like P[…]
  • Why, Claudius? – Reign of Terror
    Back to our regularly scheduled usual flash-forward, with Old Clavdivs guzzling wine in his study while writing and occasionally scratching his wig with a stylus. The voiceover recaps have returned, although he does appear to be alone, but inconsiste[…]
  • Why, Claudius? – Queen of Heaven
    No flash-forward this week – instead, we open with a jolly dinner party scene. Titus and Lollia have various honoured guests in attendance, and they’re all enjoying some post-scran belly dancing via a nice lady their hostess found in Antioch.[…]
  • Why, Claudius? – Some Justice
    Oof, settle in, folks: this one is a doozy, representing some of the very worst alongside the very best. The usual flash-forward does not help matters at all, from the onset. Old Clavdivs stumbles towards the communal can, clutching an oil lamp and c[…]
  • Aard Labour Epilogue: Dance Of The Aardvark Catchers
    I did not intend to spend a couple of months writing almost 60,000 words about Cerebus. Honestly. What happened was this. A reader briefly in the early 90s, I always had a vague plan that I’d finish the comic. I did, adding reviews to Goodreads […]
  • Aard Labour Conclusion: Unmourned And Unloved
    This is the last of my posts about Cerebus The Aardvark, the 300-issue comic by Canadian writer/artist Dave Sim and environmental and background artist Gerhard. 300 ISSUES IN 300 WORDS: THE STORY OF CEREBUS Cerebus is a barbarian aardvark. (1) […]
  1. Have you looked carefully at the URL page? F word and other derogatory remarks.

  2. I think you may have upset someone with your sarcastic but funny comment.

  • STEREOPHONICS – “Dakota”
    “Dakota” has a curious reputation. A lot of music fans I know see it as Stereophonics’ best song. That in itself is hardly unusual. But many of those people also see it as the band’s only good song. Which is odder – these guys have eigh[…]
  • NELLY ft TIM McGRAW – “Over And Over”
    There are meetings between genres where creative sparks fly and new hybrid forms can be glimpsed, like undreamed-of particles in a supercollider. There are also meetings between genres which feel more like high level EU summits – whatever happe[…]
  • JENNIFER LOPEZ – “Get Right”
    There is a 2005 single, a huge hit, and many will tell you it’s producer Rich Harrison’s masterpiece. On that record, cut-ups of funk breaks are rearranged at oblique angles in a 21st century update of James Brown’s rhythmic modernism, buil[…]
  • U2 – “Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own”
    While I’ve been writing about 2004 and 2005’s pop music I’ve also been helping my wife sort out her mother’s memorial service, so a song about a parent dying is – unfortunately – Relevant To My Interests right now. Not that I real[…]
  • EMINEM – “Like Toy Soldiers”
    I’m not sure how rap grudges and running battles came to be called beef but I love it as a word for them – juicy, red meat with inescapable macho connotations. The actual minutiae of rap beefs are strictly fans-only in most cases, playing out[…]
  • ELVIS PRESLEY – “It’s Now Or Never”
    It’s an American trilogy! My original plan for the Elvis entries was to do them as a high concept piece inspired by (ripping off) Borges’ “Pierre Menard, Author Of The Quixote”. Since, in their wisdom, the Official Charts Company decided thes[…]
  1. I remember being in the queue for the Cardiff Virgin Megastore midnight opening/signing for their second album, for a friend,…

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