Talent In A Previous Life‘s review of the Glasgow Girls Aloud gig 2 weeks ago. The most exhaustive description of the show I’ve seen in a pop-blog, and though the actual performance I saw differed in only minor details (the ‘g-g-g-go’ was NOT done at Hammersmith), I’d def disagree with more than a few opinions. First off: Teenage Dirtbag is totally ACE. Yeah? Well you can shut up too.

The night had a few “mini bootleg” moments. I was expecting “And The Beat Goes On” to make an appearance as the intro to Sound of the Underground started up. It didn’t, but the “My Sharona moment” made its expected appearance. Not quite so expected was a chunk of “Another Brick in the Wall” which we were sadly denied a full cover of. Less expected than that was the squeals of delight caused by support act Kute, who used a Rainbow sample to extraordinary rock/pop effect. That’s Rainbow the band, not the kids telly show, fool. You may be hearing more about this from other nylpm’ers, but if you look at the home page of Talent in a previous life you’ll find more info on Kute than you’ll find on any official site.