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Cultural Imperialism (in a good way)
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sistrah becky heard a dancehall toaster* on a hackney pirate station doing an um hommage to Cräzy Frøg, complete with many excellent jungle-style samples etc…
APB to the knowledgeable – is this available on record (or whatever you pop […]

And more importantly, a great new dance blog
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In which some of THEE best writers on music, electronic beat oriented or otherwise — Jess Harvell, Tim Finney, Ronan Fitzgerald, Brian Mackro, Ethan Padgett, Vahid Fozi (correct me if that is not your last name, Vahid!), Andy Kellman, Phil Sher[…]

Ned’s ego slosh fest alert about a new column
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First installment up on Stylus Magazine, called Scraping the Barrel. All thoughts, abuse, etc. welcomed.[…]

warning: two-dimensional projection of N-dimensional diagram alert
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herewith (courtesy an f.kogan email a few days back) a MAP OF MUSIC, but organised by what criteria? (viz “adam and the ants“)??
i. i declare it scientific bcz ii. i like the way the names kinda dance around
warning: it is addictive pos[…]

The Opera At The Gates Of Dawn
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So why did Roger Waters rejoin Pink Floyd for Live 8? Was it the sense of occasion? The putting away of petty squabbles for a greater cause. Maybe he discovered that Nick Mason hadn’t after all pranged his car in the street. All of these are po[…]

Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town
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Hilary Clinton wants to send 100 00 more troops to Iraq, and when I was trying to formulate a response to this, i-tunes popped up with this song.
Its weird, it seems like i-tunes has replaced the goats stomach, tarot cards and dice as divination too[…]

Can You Hear The Sun Scream?
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Someone, somewhere (mixmaster extraordinaire Steve M, an e-mail) mentioned Sunscreem earlier to me. I glibly shot back an e-mail saying that they were great and you should dis them at your peril.
And then I remember. Sunscreem were great. Not great i[…]

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The first volume of this great-12″s-of-the-80s was a surprise hit – this second has confessed dynastic ambitions (see inner sleeve). Some staggering pop moments here of course – the widescreen bliss of New Gold Dream, the Annihilati[…]

Whalesong Nein Danke
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After the two minutes silence I wasn’t feeling too bad, until I came in and the radio – 6 Music – was playing Sigur Ros, followed by Bright Eyes. It’s a rotten thing to have to do as a DJ, follow up a silence – you can&#[…]

Down with the kids
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Following a particularly grouchy Stylus singles jukebox I feel I must re-establish my tattered cred by posting an MP3, so here one is:
DJ Marlboro – Super Popozao
I downloaded this four years ago or so and have been raving about it, pushing it […]


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