After the two minutes silence I wasn’t feeling too bad, until I came in and the radio – 6 Music – was playing Sigur Ros, followed by Bright Eyes. It’s a rotten thing to have to do as a DJ, follow up a silence – you can’t play upbeat music, but the music that self-defines as sad feels absolutely inadequate. Sigur Ros’ one-size-fits-all emotionalism seemed unbearably naff, such a safe, enfeebled pick. So self-consciously ‘appropriate’. Of course what I really wanted was – well, I don’t know what I really wanted, like I said it’s a bad job to have, picking this stuff. But I certainly didn’t want the well-meaning emotional debrief of Sigur Ros. It made my mood worse. And then Bright Eyes – well. Concealed like a seven-foot bear in a hide-and-seek game in my Stylus comments is an anger that indie music, specifically this indie music, is so precious about its emotional verity and yet so bad at addressing the guilty awkward business of actually being sad.