The first volume of this great-12″s-of-the-80s was a surprise hit – this second has confessed dynastic ambitions (see inner sleeve). Some staggering pop moments here of course – the widescreen bliss of New Gold Dream, the Annihilation mix of Two Tribes with its extended Reagan impersonators and “air attack warning” spiel. And the occasional surprise (erm, Hue and Cry?) because of course when your eyes glance over the listing in the shop, compilation magic takes hold and the stinkers turn invisible. Solidly enjoyable comfort food on the whole, with electric moments. But if I have a worry it’s the way the series is narrowing in scope – looking at the tracklisting you’d think 12″ culture was an idea that had sprung fully formed from the head of rock one night in 1983 while it waited for its raincoat to dry.

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