Nov 09

Selles sur Cher and Kirkham’s Lancashire (cheesy lovers #35 & #36)

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Introducing CHEESY WOOFER! Finlay the dog has very generously agreed to help me review these cheeses.

Selles sur Cher

A French raw goats cheese, bought from Mons

This little flat round cheese has a greeny-grey charcoal rind, speckled with a white bloom. There’s a soft squishy translucent layer directly underneath the rind, and a putty-like dense bright white layer in the center. The clean white paste inside contrasts really prettily with the dark rind.

The rind tastes prickly and peppery and medicinal; hints of TCP. Inside it’s soft and smooth, and melts in my mouth. It’s very creamy, for a goat’s cheese and has small bursts of thyme and rosemary flavours and a gentle sweet nuttiness.

Cheesy Woofer: Finn eats this cheese after some persuasion. He doesn’t recommend it. (However, I do! It’s very tasty.)

Kirkhams Lancashire

A semi-hard raw cow’s cheese from (can you guess?) Lancashire, bought from Neal’s Yard Dairy

LancashireThe Lancashire is a crumbly pale yellow slab of cheese. It has a soft buttery texture, tastes tangy and sour, and reminds me of gooseberries and lemons. It’s almost fizzy in its exuberance – Pete compares it to eating cola bottles. It’s creamy, too, but in a sharp yoghurty way. This a giddy teenaged slab of Lancashire we’re eating. It does get calmer as it ages; I’ve had older, sweeter, creamier versions of this in the past.

Cheesy Woofer: The hound LOVES this, scoffs all he is given in one big drooly gulp, and makes huge puppydog eyes asking for more.


  1. 1
    sarah logged out on 17 Nov 2009 #

    Where are the photos of Finlay with cheese!

  2. 2
    marna on 17 Nov 2009 #

    I will remedy this HEINOUS omission asap!

  3. 3
    lonepilgrim on 17 Nov 2009 #

    Just a (rather random) thought – but would a goat eat goats cheese?

    …and on a more serious note I had a Herbed Piedmont Robiola today which was gorgeous – like a cheese spread of the Gods – I recommend you try it

  4. 4
    marna on 18 Nov 2009 #

    I reckon goats would happily eat goat cheese (or just about anything else). If I had a baby pet goat I could test this theory.

    How was the robiola herbed? On the outside? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a herby one, but I might investigate later.

  5. 5
    CarsmileSteve on 18 Nov 2009 #


    i ♥ kirkham’s an awful lot (you can get it in waitrose you know)

  6. 6
    lonepilgrim on 18 Nov 2009 #

    re♯4 The herbs were mixed in with the cheese – it was served in a restaurant so I don’t know much else about it. I’m not even that sure about the herbs – possibly flat leaf parsley or coriander or tarragon?

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