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BRITNEY SPEARS – “Anticipating (Alan Braxe Mix)”

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BRITNEY SPEARS – “Anticipating (Alan Braxe Mix)”

The Britney/Daft Punk link-up never got beyond a delicious rumour but this 2002 remix gives you an idea of what might have been. Halfway between Madonna’s “Music” and Kylie’s “Slow” it remakes Britney as a kittenish electro-diva, a hint (had I been paying attention) of the In The Zone makeover, but minus the explicit stuff. In fact it’s a warmer record than either of those examples – Braxe’s way with a synth wobble is much more playful than Mirwais, and Britney’s yearning seems more innocent and diffuse than Kylie’s come-ons. The track is a paradox: a continual build-up of longing and a steady-state flotation blissout at the same time, like a sound-model of an Escher staircase.

Alterno versions of films we have already seen.

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Alterno versions of films we have already seen. Implicit in the mid film two gang meet-up in Shaun Of The Dead is that there is an equally viable film starring Jessica Stephenson where one assumes less people die called Yvonne Of The Dead. This is presumably what DVD’s are for.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind has suggests an alterno-version too. One in which we are party to Clementine’s memory wipe. Perhaps not as dramatic with respect to possible problems, and with a different set of motivations, it still leads to the same place: the rendezvous on the beach/train. We know why Joel has gone, we do not know why Clem is there. Is the suggestion that she too would realise during the process that she did not want her memory wiped? If so then it is a pretty flawed process, suggesting massive failure rates. This could be one of Charlie Kaufmann’s points, the resilience of memory. Or more that we are the last people who should be given the keys to order our memories. Is there a version inside Clem’s badly dyed, prickly, neurotic head. Or is it just that as the whacked out wacky witch of Long Island she is in the habit of taking random trips to the seaside?

So does

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So does Saturday’s result mean that Mark will have to re-write the noise piece to work in the carpathian pop Xena?

While we are here, are there any suggestions for solving the “political” voting quandry, beyond reanimating Tito to reunify Yugoslavia? The fear in TW’s voice as he realised he might have to do next year’s show from some cattle shed in Belgrade was palpable, although I have no idea what Kiev’s facilities are like…

… when the land cries out for heroes …

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… when the land cries out for heroes … Watching Eurovision dad (=73) is always one of the year’s highlights – i am completely fascinated by the height of his camp threshold (mine is a lot lower) plus as a parent (ie of me among others) he I think gets tremendous straightforward pleasure out of watching kids of all climes getting excited abt winning something… extra bonus this year: our discussion of the geocultural implications of the intra-balkan bloc vote that wogan (*spits w.reflexive disgust*) was so endlessly arsey abt… mum and dad had their honeymoon in yugo in the mid-50s and have old friends and connexions there and were desperately torn up and brokenhearted by the civil war, so yeah it wz nice to see dad so fascinated and heartened by this (yeah yeah “trivial”) sign of a return of wider unfactional community in that whole region

(and yeah, FUCK that stupid fuck wogan, cz there is SO a carmody-style history of Eurovision and the EU to be written: at the risk of sounding a bit rumsfeld-ish, i *love* that the energy and creative centre of gravity has shifted eastwdz…) (as well as xena-wdz obv)

Research Nuggets:

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Research Nuggets: I have just read a pretty dry history of the Royal Court Theatre : The Royal Court Theatre and the Modern Stage by Philip Roberts . Mainly to get a vague idea of the climate of the last fifty years of theatre production. The Royal Court was a bad one to pick however, its program to be a new writers theatre sets it at odds with much commercial theatre in London. What came out instead was the wranglings of a public sector organisation, underfunded and overly political which sometimes put on plays. The plays (with the exception of the odd really important ones like Look Back In Anger or Top Girls) are usually referred to once, as if in the scheme of things they were unimportant. The backstage drama deserves an account and there is nothing wrong with presenting it as a cultural sausage factory. I suppose the real problem comes in presenting the Court as a really badly run sausage factory, where the sausages are of no intrinsic value.

What is most interesting about the account is the role played by our old friend Lindsey Anderson. In the whole overly political battles of artistic directors, no-one stirs more, acts as an agent provocateur or is more willing to use the word Cunt than Anderson. In conspiring to get people sacked, to build a management conducive to his own ideas and kingmaker Anderson excels. It is also therefore lovely when all his plans come to naught, that like many an arch meddler their schemes come back to haunt them. It is the only satisfactory narrative in the book and you get the feeling that Roberts is pleased to have such a Machiavellian in his cast of characters. The rest are generally a bunch of worthy do gooders often doing bad. Perhaps worse than this, the book never ever considers whether running a new writing theatre is a good idea in itself. And it certainly has not enticed me to go.


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RUIN SPOTTING! No dear readers, not a new film starring Ewan MacGregor as an spoddy lichen enthusiast roving around National Trust listed buildings, but a SUPER RUIN FACT all the way from Brighton. You know Brighton – it’s that place outside the M25. I know! Sounds horrible eh! Just the kind of thing you’d want to blot out, preferably by some ALCOHOL, I know I would! Well fear not, Brighton Oddbins would not let you down! It currently holds a fridgeful of Gordons G&T in cans which they are advertising with the slogan: GIN IN A TIN, MOTHERS RUIN. I’m sold. I’ll be making a trip to the local WC1 branch to see if they have any competing GIN slogans. Not to buy any GIN IN A TIN for myself, of course, it’s only a Monday! I should wait until my desperation reaches the unbearable peak… so probably Tuesday.

Whilst I’m at it – if you’re already suffering from a case of the thirsties, you should avoid, which offers you beautiful GIN screensavers and wallpaper. Excellent stuff.

Well the cheating tactic worked.

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Well the cheating tactic worked. Except the cheating was not as outlined below. The Arsenal vs Fulham Women’s League title decider actuall kicked off at about 7pm – time enough to get everyone out and sell new tickets to the new punters. The final score was 3-1 to Arsenal infront of a respectable, albeit not record breaking 5,000 crowd. It is possible the time taken to start the game was more due to all the crap on the pitch (and I am not just refering to the Leicester players) after Arsenal accepted the Premiereship trophy.

Shockingly there was no reference at all to this victory in the Observer sports section yesterday. Instea dplenty of pages celebrating the male teams victory, which was already settled three weeks ago. Equally the victory parade of the men’s team was covered, yet the news programme did not consider a one liner about the women also celebrating the double to be appropriate.


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Whiskey In The Jar

I could talk about the Thin Lizzy version. I could talk about the Dubliners version. This si a song which has been around for ages after all. So much so that the songwriter credit on it is alway just Trad Arr. I can only assume that Arr is some form of Gaelic mispelling, because the only adequate description of Whiskey in the Jar is Traditionally Arse. This does not mean that Phil Lynott’s rocking update was any less arse, it was just Rock Arr.

Why would you put whiskey in a jar amyway? A bottle to start off with. A glass if you are some for of purist makes a happy middle man. And eventually of course whiskey should be chucked down the throat with some sort of manly growl to suggest that the pain in the taste is equal to the pleasure of the bouze. But Jam lives in jars. Marmalade at a push (actually I would happily keep Marmalade in a gigantic jar style prison until the adequately pay for the sin that is O-Bla-Di O-Bla-Da). If someone has put whiskey in a jar I assume they are a simpleton and have no desire to drink with them.

Everyone is getting excited about all the up coming summer movies.

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Everyone is getting excited about all the up coming summer movies. Alright, not everyone, but the marketing machinery is there to suck us in despite years of knowledge that the strike rate on good/bad wanders in at about 20% worthwhile. Anyway, not for me. I am instead waiting with baited breath for November when Tatu: Paragate is unleashed on us.

As far as I can work out from the Japanese site (which is not much), Tatu: Paragate stars our favourite Sapphic Slavs as themselves fighting the forces of paranormal evil. Armed only with Trevorn Horn productions, girl-on-girl coyness and Eurovision sulking this anime film seems the best band spin off since Spice World. And they even have the school uniforms to start off with. Unfortunately we will have to wait until 1st November until we see and over-literal animated version of ‘They’re Not Gonna Get Us’.

(Meanwhile more real-life Tatu news!)