Everyone is getting excited about all the up coming summer movies. Alright, not everyone, but the marketing machinery is there to suck us in despite years of knowledge that the strike rate on good/bad wanders in at about 20% worthwhile. Anyway, not for me. I am instead waiting with baited breath for November when Tatu: Paragate is unleashed on us.

As far as I can work out from the Japanese site (which is not much), Tatu: Paragate stars our favourite Sapphic Slavs as themselves fighting the forces of paranormal evil. Armed only with Trevorn Horn productions, girl-on-girl coyness and Eurovision sulking this anime film seems the best band spin off since Spice World. And they even have the school uniforms to start off with. Unfortunately we will have to wait until 1st November until we see and over-literal animated version of ‘They’re Not Gonna Get Us’.

(Meanwhile more real-life Tatu news!)