Well the cheating tactic worked. Except the cheating was not as outlined below. The Arsenal vs Fulham Women’s League title decider actuall kicked off at about 7pm – time enough to get everyone out and sell new tickets to the new punters. The final score was 3-1 to Arsenal infront of a respectable, albeit not record breaking 5,000 crowd. It is possible the time taken to start the game was more due to all the crap on the pitch (and I am not just refering to the Leicester players) after Arsenal accepted the Premiereship trophy.

Shockingly there was no reference at all to this victory in the Observer sports section yesterday. Instea dplenty of pages celebrating the male teams victory, which was already settled three weeks ago. Equally the victory parade of the men’s team was covered, yet the news programme did not consider a one liner about the women also celebrating the double to be appropriate.