Alterno versions of films we have already seen. Implicit in the mid film two gang meet-up in Shaun Of The Dead is that there is an equally viable film starring Jessica Stephenson where one assumes less people die called Yvonne Of The Dead. This is presumably what DVD’s are for.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind has suggests an alterno-version too. One in which we are party to Clementine’s memory wipe. Perhaps not as dramatic with respect to possible problems, and with a different set of motivations, it still leads to the same place: the rendezvous on the beach/train. We know why Joel has gone, we do not know why Clem is there. Is the suggestion that she too would realise during the process that she did not want her memory wiped? If so then it is a pretty flawed process, suggesting massive failure rates. This could be one of Charlie Kaufmann’s points, the resilience of memory. Or more that we are the last people who should be given the keys to order our memories. Is there a version inside Clem’s badly dyed, prickly, neurotic head. Or is it just that as the whacked out wacky witch of Long Island she is in the habit of taking random trips to the seaside?