RUIN SPOTTING! No dear readers, not a new film starring Ewan MacGregor as an spoddy lichen enthusiast roving around National Trust listed buildings, but a SUPER RUIN FACT all the way from Brighton. You know Brighton – it’s that place outside the M25. I know! Sounds horrible eh! Just the kind of thing you’d want to blot out, preferably by some ALCOHOL, I know I would! Well fear not, Brighton Oddbins would not let you down! It currently holds a fridgeful of Gordons G&T in cans which they are advertising with the slogan: GIN IN A TIN, MOTHERS RUIN. I’m sold. I’ll be making a trip to the local WC1 branch to see if they have any competing GIN slogans. Not to buy any GIN IN A TIN for myself, of course, it’s only a Monday! I should wait until my desperation reaches the unbearable peak… so probably Tuesday.

Whilst I’m at it – if you’re already suffering from a case of the thirsties, you should avoid, which offers you beautiful GIN screensavers and wallpaper. Excellent stuff.

Pumpkin Publog