Whiskey In The Jar

I could talk about the Thin Lizzy version. I could talk about the Dubliners version. This si a song which has been around for ages after all. So much so that the songwriter credit on it is alway just Trad Arr. I can only assume that Arr is some form of Gaelic mispelling, because the only adequate description of Whiskey in the Jar is Traditionally Arse. This does not mean that Phil Lynott’s rocking update was any less arse, it was just Rock Arr.

Why would you put whiskey in a jar amyway? A bottle to start off with. A glass if you are some for of purist makes a happy middle man. And eventually of course whiskey should be chucked down the throat with some sort of manly growl to suggest that the pain in the taste is equal to the pleasure of the bouze. But Jam lives in jars. Marmalade at a push (actually I would happily keep Marmalade in a gigantic jar style prison until the adequately pay for the sin that is O-Bla-Di O-Bla-Da). If someone has put whiskey in a jar I assume they are a simpleton and have no desire to drink with them.