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Angelsey Angler Angered By Angled Metal In His Head (sorry – it started so well)

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As Miss Vicky sez – Who knew fishing could be so dangerous?

Boot on other foot

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I’m a deeply amateur fisherman; given that I don’t even eat fish, my fishing is more like the nastier blood sports in its complete lack of utility. I’ve spend 2 days fishing on Loch Awe over the August bank holiday for the last 3 years, and have caught one perch and one small trout. In my defence, that’s nearly 50% of the entire catch of the party of us who’ve been doing this.

We sit in a boat with about 5 people in it, with varying degrees of amateur casting from 3 rods going on. When I’m not doing any casting I can never really relax and get drunktake in the marvellous scenary and tranquility of the Loch as I’m terrified that, like Ben Stiller in There’s Something About Mary, I’ll get hooked by one of my friends as we make some cack-handed attempt to do a champion fish catching cast. Luckily, all we have to show for this fear was a perceived few near misses, when someone felt the whush of spiky metal through the air.

Occasionally, we get a snag, which initially feels like a catch, and excitment miounts, and the boartd rocks dangerously from side to side. usually, it’s just a log on the bottom of the bed of the loch. We are all very relaxed as we just keep on tugging until it comes free.

No more. In future, we will row over to the end of the line and calmly retrieve the spinner and weight, because we really, really, really don’t want this to happen.


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on the bus home yesterday i sat behind a man who had just bought the CD of the ELP “classic”; he wz busy reading (and rereading) the sleeve — i wz inexplicably excited, and having to strain NOT to lean over his shoulder and PEER OBTRUSIVELY: the music is yeah kinda terrible (though also fascinating in a j.g.ballard/crash sorta way) — but the SLEEVE i just LOVE

is this simply borin nostalgia for my lost youth (when i also didn’t like the music but wz mysteriously drawn to the fact that OTHERS DID and i didn’t know WHY, and this is the OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVE of that feeling)

or is it simply that it is the BEST SLEEVE EVER?

artist = william neal, shd you wish to PERUSE HIS OEUVRE!! (apparently he lives in WIGTOWN which is in no way funny)

GUESS MY THEORY (folio edition)

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snakes generally sneer at the “never eat anything bigger than your head” meme, but even if yr quite stretchy, surely “NEVER EAT ANYTHING BIGGER THAN YOUR BODY” is a motto to live by maybe!?! or at least not to die by!

(clue: it’s an alligator busting out from inside a swelled up python ew ew) (details here) (scale: the python = c.12 feet long)

BBC Jack Vettriano Witch-Hunt Continues

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Not content in banning Britain’s most popular living painter from their Most Popular Painting competition, the BBC now continue their vendetta by inviting BBC News readers to do their own Vettriano. This stems from the story that his most expensive painting, The Singing Butler, looks swiped from an art manual. And good luck to him say I. Making three quarters of a million from re-interpretting a dull photo into a soaring work of romanticism* is a grand thing.

*I may not actually believe this.

PCGM Watch Extra!

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The work pop quiz last night threw up an unexpected dilemma:

– It is the final round of the pop quiz, the round where you draw a pop star in a minute and your teammates have to guess who it is. You are the last team up: if you guess the drawing first go you get 10 points and win; second go and you go into a play-off; any later than that and another team wins.

Your celebrity is James Brown. Now here’s the dilemma – do you make him look black?

I didn’t think it would even be an issue but as the person drew a (very good) sketch of James Brown I realised it was. The sketch being drawn – big lacquered hair, shiny suit, giving it some on stage – looked exactly like 70s Elvis. The sketcher was frantically trying to work out some way of indicating that it was James Brown without doing the very obvious thing of shading the figure’s skin. She could hear her teammates confidently saying “Oh it’s Elvis”. The seconds ticked by. What could she do?

Anyway they guessed Elvis, it was wrong, and they were completely baffled, and didn’t win the quiz. When the truth was revealed everyone agreed it was an excellent James Brown.

I guess the reason for not drawing James Brown as a black man is the worry that – as a white sketcher in a room full of white people (the market research industry is not the most racially mixed in the world) if you draw someone ‘black’ you are going to produce some hideous racist gollywog caricature. I notice a similar thing when colleagues are describing someone else – “Oh you know them – work on the third floor, tall guy, curly dark hair, OMG MUSTN’T MENTION THEIR RACE I WILL SOUND LIKE A SUN EDITORIAL”.

White liberals be worryin’, in other words. I think I would have had exactly the same worry. I did in fact worry that I shouldn’t have put James Brown in the sketch round at all.

And the winner also is…

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Nobel Prize For Medicine.

Great story this because it illustrates the best and worst of science. People with ulcers are often stressed. Thus stress > > ulcers. But where is the proof? Well stress can lead to high blood pressure, and patients with high blood pressure often had ulcers. BECAUSE THEY WERE STRESSED DUE TO HAVING STOMACH ULCERS.

The subtext of this discovery is that no-one was really looking for a cause for ulcers. And one wonders how much back-up these researchers got for their work when the lead scientist decided to infect himself with the bacterium to see if he developed an ulcer. He did, but luckily anti-biotics saved the day, and now does with many people with ulcers. Assumptions, destroyed. Cheers!