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Pie Debate Solved
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The pie debate has been rumbling on FT since the dawn of time itself. For the uninitiated, the positions can broadly be termed the performativists and the formalists.
The latter attempt to draw a line that encompasses the common or garden pie in past[…]

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Can you spot what the referee and lino didn’t?[…]

Straight from the kick-off. Really.
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It’s a cliche in football that a team is most vulnerable when they have just scored. It’s doubtful that the clichemongers had this in mind when thinking about just how vulnerable you can be.
It’s bound now to be described as like Be[…]

Low-rent Keith Flett
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I’ve always been a bit of a letter writer and have had periods of being a bit of a radio phone-in caller (=when I wasn’t getting any attention from girls at school), so I’m rather pleased to have had a letter published in the London[…]

Tea Making Fearnley-Whittingstall Dangle
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Hugh Duncan Fearnley-Whittingstall talks about making a cup of tea
Now, to make my tea, I need two good-sized mugs. I boil the kettle. The hot water goes into one mug first, stays for a few seconds so the mug is heated, then goes into the second mug.[…]

Not very ago, at a stadium really quite close by
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Everton have a player called Dax Hoogerwerf who is from Blackpool. Meanwhile, in a cantina bar somewhere in a galaxy far far away, an old Jedi and his apprentice try and strike a deal with a space pirate called Jimmy Armfield.[…]


Dave’s World Cup Spreadsheet
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This year’s World Cup Spreadsheet is now live. It’s being hosted on the Football Supporters International site, which is a guide for fans, by fans, produced by a coalition of European supporters’ organisations.

It’s easily th[…]

Best non-sequitur ever
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In this interview, football agent Jerome Anderson responds to a question about there the bad impression of agents comes from.
He can only speak for himself, he says. ‘I had a place at university to study law’.
Well, thanks for clearing t[…]

Spread it, Big Man!*
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At the risk of sounding like Julie Burchill, Football is a bit gay. Tom highlights the interesting references in the Runciman piece about this, and it really is a subject that doesn’t get much coverage**.
Slavoj Zizek once persuasively argued t[…]

I thought the article that Mark refers to
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I thought the article that Mark refers to by David Runciman’s in the LRB was a necessary corrective to the myth of the manager he rightly takes to task. It’s analogous to the concept of the super-CEO.
Both make too much play of the effect[…]


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  1. Yeah, but to also get sent off and then go a goal down is way harsh.