on the bus home yesterday i sat behind a man who had just bought the CD of the ELP “classic”; he wz busy reading (and rereading) the sleeve — i wz inexplicably excited, and having to strain NOT to lean over his shoulder and PEER OBTRUSIVELY: the music is yeah kinda terrible (though also fascinating in a j.g.ballard/crash sorta way) — but the SLEEVE i just LOVE

is this simply borin nostalgia for my lost youth (when i also didn’t like the music but wz mysteriously drawn to the fact that OTHERS DID and i didn’t know WHY, and this is the OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVE of that feeling)

or is it simply that it is the BEST SLEEVE EVER?

artist = william neal, shd you wish to PERUSE HIS OEUVRE!! (apparently he lives in WIGTOWN which is in no way funny)