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The Wilkinsons
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The Wilkinsons-LA
Its about a girl whose boy has gone to Los Angeles,
with Prada stores and electric cars, and about the
worries that correspond to that move–namely “I don’t want to
lose you to LA.
But the thing is is not really abo[…]

Exotic indelicacies #2
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Exotic indelicacies #2: Wintergreen Tic Tacs
It was seven in the morning, I had had maybe four hours’ sleep. I suddenly realised that it’s good to have some sweeties to suck when you’re plane’s taking off. It helps your ears […]

The Apple Stretching
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The Apple Stretching (WWIISINY, part the second)
Here you are then: more of the same (only different).
5. Jim Lambie: Mental Oyster (Anton Kern )
Good old Jimbo Lambie, he’s doing here what he does best, taping up the floor so it’s all ey[…]

What was it I saw in New York?
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What was it I saw in New York?
I’ve been to New York, you know. I went to look at some art in Chelsea, or perhaps the Meatpacking District (the latter sounds so unromantic, but then it’s hard to warm to anything named Chelsea). I set off […]

Leeds fans have plenty of things to worry about
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Leeds fans have plenty of things to worry about, and the new kit is another small straw on the back. Seemingly based on the forgotten 90s fashion principle of Global Hypercolour, the kit changes colour according to its wearer’s body temperature[…]

According to Hollywood
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According to Hollywood (which is of course where we should get all knowledge from) all the Nazi’s did in World War II was send out troops of soldiers to get involved with all sorts of occult rituals to help Hitler win. At least in Indiana Jones[…]

Pepys, Dostoevsky, and Skinner
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Pepys, Dostoevsky, and Skinner: John Sutherland’s imprimatur means this Streets piece can leave the callow lowlands of NYLPM and be linked on the Wedge instead. My major problem with the article – aside from Sutherland’s reading of […]

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… PAINTS A THOUSAND ERS … The writing in Girl with a Pearl Earring was so awful – and Scarlett Johanson’s word-swallowing mumble so unremitting – that Dr Vick and I began speculating if it wasn’t a ploy of some ki[…]

Help Me Out!
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If anyone (ideally anyone who I see fairly regularly) has a copy of George Melly’s Revolt Into Style I could borrow, I would be very grateful. I would take very good care of it! It seems to be out of print at the moment and the asking price on […]

Farewell ‘4 million
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Farewell ‘4 million: That’s how much the Sci Fi channel is spending on an attempt to attract GURLS, sorry, “to target a more mainstream unisex audience”. If a more mainstream unisex audience wanted sci-fi, I rather think it wo[…]


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