Exotic indelicacies #2: Wintergreen Tic Tacs

It was seven in the morning, I had had maybe four hours’ sleep. I suddenly realised that it’s good to have some sweeties to suck when you’re plane’s taking off. It helps your ears pop, or something.

Not for me the sane option of wandering along to the little newsagents with their proud selection of boiled sweets. Much better, I thought, to go to the little caff, they’d be sure to have some. I was right: a packet of spearmint greenish Tic-Tacs. New! It said. 30% Larger Mints! More ENJOYABLE FRESHNESS.

Not until I boarded the plane did I check the flavour. I assumed it would be OK: wintergreen must be some sort of mint, yes? Even if it’s not, it’ll be some yummy sweet flavour.

No. Wintergreen Tic-Tacs taste of Deep Heat. Not the worst thing I’ve ever tasted, but very close. Deep Heat sucking sweets or painful, un-popped ears? You choose.

Pumpkin Publog