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Nov 03

Adam Faith’s Dream Debased

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Adam Faith’s Dream Debased Two TV treats last night but which to watch? On BBC1: Brian Harvey’s reflections on being given the boot from East 17 in My Worst Week. five topped this with Shaving Ryan’s Privates. FINALLY, an investigation into the spoof pron movie industry. Yes, the most important element of making a movie in this subgenre is a really weak pun: Penetrator 2 (where “come with me if you want to live” becomes “come with me if you like sex”), Whore of the Rings, Trixx, Private Gladiator (not even a pun) etc. Don’t mention the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon spoof.

SRP refrained from descending into the kind of knowing end-of-the-pierism that is, post-Eurotrash, the norm for late night sex progs (cf European Blue Review – very tired). So, good stuff – but an hour long? No need for the on-site report from the plucky Brit making his debut in a mucky version of Cleopatra. He was an idiot. I don’t think it was Brian Harvey though.

The blessed teeny

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The blessed teeny brings to out attention that science has finally caught up to the Simpsons, with the creation of Tomacco (with potentially fatal results!).

(The link also bring up one of the strengths/weaknesses of the Internet: references to news stories can spread around the world before the source material can switch up from horrifically “wacky”)

Ed note: Don’t believe everything you see in print!

Andrew note: th-that’s my point! Also, let’s see your link, then.

Wandering into HMV

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Wandering into HMV last night a short while before what would normally be closing time I was slightly bemused to find an unanticipated gaggle of 40 or so punters waiting for a Mark Owen promo appearance / live set. I was certainly amused, as I left, to hear Mark’s roadie / guitar tech sound-checking for him. A delicately-strummed acoustic number, with winsome vocals, it took me a while to realise I was listening to a version of Radiohead’s ‘High and Dry’…

As you can see from the website, Curtis and Grant are calling for an end to the genre that has made them rich and famous

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As you can see from the website, Curtis and Grant are calling for an end to the genre that has made them rich and famous, as they release “the ULTIMATE romantic comedy”. If only it was…

(then again, it makes buying birthday/xmas presents for mothers of a certain age very easy if they keep churning them out…)

Stuck on Scrabble

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Stuck on Scrabble! There’s nothing better than a complete and utter revelation within a sport. The moment where say, a football game goes from being a boring kick-about between a be-mulleted-giffer and scary German goalkeeper to an intricately played game of STRATEGY and good ole HACKING everybode, or a tennis games becomes LIFE OR DEATH, the players whacking each ball away as if it were a hand-grenade (idea for Channel 5 show copyright ME plz) or, getting to the point – when Scrabble stopped being an annual family bish and became the ultimate Beautiful Game.

I competely blame Stefan Fatsis and Word Freak for opening up the boards with WORDS and IDEAS (hey I finally found out what catamite means). I never knew there were so many words I didn’t know! I immediately purchased a word book and got the two letter words down. My typical score per game now should average between 20 and 30 points. I usually score around 300 points.

And I’m stuck. The magical breakthroughs have not occured, I fear myself getting stuck in a world of fanny dangle. The typical play of an obscure word on the triple little score causes my regular Scrabble partner and I to GROAN and vow we can do better. QI and ZO (we play using the SOWPODS dictionary) have become regular appearances, pervading the board like moderately high-scoring yet ultimately DULL well, zo’s.

There’s nothing worse than the CONCEPT and IDEAS being opened up to you, but you ultimately failing to exploit and build on it. I want my ideal game of Scrabble to work WITH the letters, to make the board look interesting and to get some satisfaction from word creation. I’m going after the big letters and the interesting words!!

(And now I should get back to work)

I don’t want my first coffee of the day GOOD, I want it STRONG!!

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I don’t want my first coffee of the day GOOD, I want it STRONG!!

On days I have to go into work, no problem: the Pret at Angel makes coffee well (they don’t all but that one does). At home, I almost invariably have DOUWE EGBERTS, not cz I super-love it (it’s OK) but cz it’s easy to get (ie at one of the THREE rival branches of the Turkish Show Supermarket all situated next to one another on Lower Clapton Road). Also I use a cafetiere, so filter brands can go suck it. Also it haf a FUNNY NAME.

Lavazza wd serve, as this is locally easy to find also, but I don’t like the packet so much and have convinced myself that being Italian it secretly wants to Espresso, which I don’t really like. Could I do better? The M&S brands switch around too much, and you can never find or remember which one you like, and the one I did like the taste of best – French – I discovered wz responsible for the permanent sore throat I wz getting. (That’s TRUE!) I sometimes like to dream of becoming an actual real coffee connoisseur but it’s FIRST THING IN THE MORNING so Douwe Egberts it is. Again.

Red Wine VS White Wine

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Red Wine VS White Wine: a recent ILE thread with a lot of poncing about different merlots and chardonnays and other such things which should stick to Footballer$ Wive$ but not a lot of help on my urgent and key white wine question: which is – how can you spot a good white from a bad white which is just very very cold? This is the reason why I’m generally suspicious of white wine and won’t drink it unless it’s been living in a very cold fridge for a long time and then will drink down the taste-bud numbing YET NUMMY beverage. A red wine can’t get away with the same ‘lets just make it cold and no-one will notice’ cheat and has to stand on it’s own RIM as it were.

Upon looking at the Wolf Blass website – I see they are taking a leaf out of a popular Carling brand: Wolf Blass Black Label. Ph34rs0m3. In the meantime I’ll say that the “yellow wolf blass bottles” are nice, I don’t quite know the difference between a Merlot and a Shiraz enough to articulate, and end with WOT NO HOOCH?? Bring back Smirnoff Mule.