I don’t want my first coffee of the day GOOD, I want it STRONG!!

On days I have to go into work, no problem: the Pret at Angel makes coffee well (they don’t all but that one does). At home, I almost invariably have DOUWE EGBERTS, not cz I super-love it (it’s OK) but cz it’s easy to get (ie at one of the THREE rival branches of the Turkish Show Supermarket all situated next to one another on Lower Clapton Road). Also I use a cafetiere, so filter brands can go suck it. Also it haf a FUNNY NAME.

Lavazza wd serve, as this is locally easy to find also, but I don’t like the packet so much and have convinced myself that being Italian it secretly wants to Espresso, which I don’t really like. Could I do better? The M&S brands switch around too much, and you can never find or remember which one you like, and the one I did like the taste of best – French – I discovered wz responsible for the permanent sore throat I wz getting. (That’s TRUE!) I sometimes like to dream of becoming an actual real coffee connoisseur but it’s FIRST THING IN THE MORNING so Douwe Egberts it is. Again.