Red Wine VS White Wine: a recent ILE thread with a lot of poncing about different merlots and chardonnays and other such things which should stick to Footballer$ Wive$ but not a lot of help on my urgent and key white wine question: which is – how can you spot a good white from a bad white which is just very very cold? This is the reason why I’m generally suspicious of white wine and won’t drink it unless it’s been living in a very cold fridge for a long time and then will drink down the taste-bud numbing YET NUMMY beverage. A red wine can’t get away with the same ‘lets just make it cold and no-one will notice’ cheat and has to stand on it’s own RIM as it were.

Upon looking at the Wolf Blass website – I see they are taking a leaf out of a popular Carling brand: Wolf Blass Black Label. Ph34rs0m3. In the meantime I’ll say that the “yellow wolf blass bottles” are nice, I don’t quite know the difference between a Merlot and a Shiraz enough to articulate, and end with WOT NO HOOCH?? Bring back Smirnoff Mule.