Stuck on Scrabble! There’s nothing better than a complete and utter revelation within a sport. The moment where say, a football game goes from being a boring kick-about between a be-mulleted-giffer and scary German goalkeeper to an intricately played game of STRATEGY and good ole HACKING everybode, or a tennis games becomes LIFE OR DEATH, the players whacking each ball away as if it were a hand-grenade (idea for Channel 5 show copyright ME plz) or, getting to the point – when Scrabble stopped being an annual family bish and became the ultimate Beautiful Game.

I competely blame Stefan Fatsis and Word Freak for opening up the boards with WORDS and IDEAS (hey I finally found out what catamite means). I never knew there were so many words I didn’t know! I immediately purchased a word book and got the two letter words down. My typical score per game now should average between 20 and 30 points. I usually score around 300 points.

And I’m stuck. The magical breakthroughs have not occured, I fear myself getting stuck in a world of fanny dangle. The typical play of an obscure word on the triple little score causes my regular Scrabble partner and I to GROAN and vow we can do better. QI and ZO (we play using the SOWPODS dictionary) have become regular appearances, pervading the board like moderately high-scoring yet ultimately DULL well, zo’s.

There’s nothing worse than the CONCEPT and IDEAS being opened up to you, but you ultimately failing to exploit and build on it. I want my ideal game of Scrabble to work WITH the letters, to make the board look interesting and to get some satisfaction from word creation. I’m going after the big letters and the interesting words!!

(And now I should get back to work)