Adam Faith’s Dream Debased Two TV treats last night but which to watch? On BBC1: Brian Harvey’s reflections on being given the boot from East 17 in My Worst Week. five topped this with Shaving Ryan’s Privates. FINALLY, an investigation into the spoof pron movie industry. Yes, the most important element of making a movie in this subgenre is a really weak pun: Penetrator 2 (where “come with me if you want to live” becomes “come with me if you like sex”), Whore of the Rings, Trixx, Private Gladiator (not even a pun) etc. Don’t mention the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon spoof.

SRP refrained from descending into the kind of knowing end-of-the-pierism that is, post-Eurotrash, the norm for late night sex progs (cf European Blue Review – very tired). So, good stuff – but an hour long? No need for the on-site report from the plucky Brit making his debut in a mucky version of Cleopatra. He was an idiot. I don’t think it was Brian Harvey though.