In a move about a timely as watching the Happy Days Christmas special in May (which if you are in the UK is both unaboidable and hence oddly timely: I bring you Public Enemy: The Comic. Alright I don’t bring it to you, American Mule comics do and here is what its all about:

The evil Executives and their New Whirl Odor are about to unleash their master plan for world domination. Before they can succeed though, they must eliminate a young boy named Vincent who holds the key to their ultimate secret weapon. Unfortunately for the Executives, Vincent is a Public Enemy fan. In a desperate attempt to destroy their enemies, the Executives devise a plan that will eliminate Vincent, Public Enemy and their Underground Railroad allies in one clean swoop. This is the beginning of an epic battle for peace and justice as Public Enemy and the Underground Railroad fight the powers that be to keep the America people free from tyranny and oppression.

Things that don’t necessarily make sense in that solicitation: young boy and Public Enemy fan. But that said comic fans are well acquainted with both the name Terminator and the letter X so it could go down as well as the Kiss comic did. The idea of Flavor Flav in spandex is a little bit too much to take.