Hold on. This is supposed to be an article advising us the best ways to get really drunk hidden in an article warning us about how not to get drunk. Surely giving up drinking for a month is all about no hangovers. And yes, in a lot of ways it is. However let us really examine the reasons why you are giving up drinking for a month:

a) Because you think you have a drink problem. You certainly do if you are giving it up for a month to find out.
b) Health reasons. Trust me the body does not like enforced absences of ANYTHING. Get your metabolism antsy and you are in trouble.
c) To look virtuous to other people who are always telling you that you drink too much.

Basically giving up drinking for a month shows a lack of trust in yourself (or a lack of trust in others in your trust in yourself). Fine, you may not trust yourself, but if you are already going to go down the saint on one shoulder, devil on the other dualism, its only fair that I give some advice to the devil.

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