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The Most Important Game Ever Made #23: Druuuuuuuuugs
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Been away for a while and will probably be away for a while longer, but I have a brief window to advance this now-glacial series a little further. So then, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds:
William Shatner’s version, given a little extra ‘tr[…]

The Most Important Game Ever Made #22: Salute The Horned One
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How long has it been since you saw a good old fashioned human sacrifice? TOO LONG YOU SAY well watch this:
That’s the Muppets desecrating ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’, which is exac[…]

The Most Important Game Ever Made #21: The Sea Of Green
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Whatever happened to this series? Work happened, and continues to happen. This is the crunch time for about three seperate projects, with a fourth waiting in the wings. Expect forward progress on TMIGEM to be glacial, two a week or less – but i[…]

The Most Important Game Ever Made #20: Frere Jacques
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The final tour song… ever! And it was actually the final tour song for the Beatles in real life, according to the in-game factoids. (Well, almost. But it was definitely the last song they played that was written by them.)

This was the only eve[…]

The Most Important Game Ever Made #19: Oh, Ha Bloody Ha
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Time to get political with ‘Taxman’:

That’s Junior Parker’s ultra-slow, ultra-mellow version, a chuckling drawl (“Aw, now this is awful…”) that makes it clear that Junior is having a whale of a time lounging[…]

The Most Important Game Ever Made #18: F.A.B.
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Well, after a week of hard conventioneering, I’m back in the saddle to talk about ‘Drive My Car’.
Soothing stuff and fun to play, as I remember. I bashed this one out before I left, in the […]

The Most Important Game Ever Made #17: Whaddya Got?
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There are still those, even in the dying days of the Noughties, who deride Rock Band and its ilk as ‘fake’. Well, here’s NES-rock group ‘I Fight Dragons’ doing their chiptune-heavy cover version of ‘And Your Bird C[…]

The Most Important Game Ever Made #16: In Which The Beatles Find Out
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Welcome to Budokan.

The boys are obviously exhausted, the microphones don’t work properly, Ringo looks ready to top himself right there and the haircuts have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. Offstage, all sorts of trouble is brewing &#[…]

The Most Important Game Ever Made #15: Twitch Crit
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Whoops! The next song on the list isn’t ‘She Loves You’ after all, it’s the far less interesting ‘I Feel Fine’.

Still, it’s a nice rocking groove, as the Ventures here prove.

The Most Important Game Ever Made #14: Georgebot Is Still A Playa
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That’s Nellie McKay’s version of ‘If I Needed Someone’, which by a strange coincidence is what the Beatlebots plough onto in their historic Shea Stadium gig.


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