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Food Science Day 4: The Culinary Art of the Bad Pun 1
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AIM: To establish whether a bad pun can lead you to inventing a delicious new dish. In this case: LYCHEES ON TOAST
APPARATUS: Pestle & mortar; grill
INGREDIENTS: 1 middle-sized tin lychees; 3 slices of bread; 1 slice’s worth of butter for […]


FOOD SCIENCE DAY 3: The Experiment We Did Not Do
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AIM: To see if the BabyBel advert is correct and that BabyBels break the laws of conservation of energy by being able to bounce higher than where they were dropped from.
APPARATUS: A third floor balcony. A BabyBel (like this one, but not this one be[…]

FOOD SCIENCE DAY: An Introduction and Dedication
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Over the next week a varied bunch of reprobates will be posting on the Publog, Proven By Science, TMFD and even The Brown Wedge, the results of the 1st Liz Daplyn Food Science Day. Please be patient with these results, remember the writing up is half[…]

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on the whole i sleep lightly – waking at the slightest hackney gunshot or police helicopter flyover – and, esp. if too hot, find it v.hard to drift off in the first place
for a long time – ie when i wz in my twenties – this i[…]

Food Science Day Warm Up: Beer Science
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An experiment to see what a “Grey Beer” would taste like.
Reagents: 50% Budvar Dark (a traditional Czech Black Beer with strong molasses taste and equally strong alcohol content)50% Kronenberg Blanc (a remarkably citrusy White beer which is also […]

Food Science prequel: Pork Tatin
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In which two different types of food are rammed together in one. It came to me that pork is good with apples, and that there must be a fancy, schmancy way of presenting this that just a gloop of baby food on the side. Thus the idea of Pork Tatin was […]

Tunnock’s Dark Wafers
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A Nice Cup Of Tea And A Sit Down report that Tesco’s dahn sarf are going to start stocking Tunnock’s Dark Chocolate Wafers. Now as we know about four million Tunnock’s wafers are eaten every day, but it shocked me when I went north[…]

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Went to Lambert’s on Sunday for lunch. I’d been meaning to check it out for a while, passing it on the way home from work quite often, and Al’s visit seemed a good opportunity. I’m keen on there being a good “modern Brit[…]

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Its been a while during which various arrangements were made, but finally the basic details of FOOD SCIENCE DAY can be outlined. An idea patched together on the night of Rob Bolton’s leaving party, you could not stop some of our foodie friends […]

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And we drank…
… in alphabetical order…

Lee GB Mild (tasting note [TN] == “num)
Wells Banana Bread Beer (TN = “tastes like banana antibiotics!!”)
York Bitter (“from the North East, TN = “refreshing&#822[…]


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