And we drank…

… in alphabetical order

  • Lee GB Mild (tasting note [TN] == “num)
  • Wells Banana Bread Beer (TN = “tastes like banana antibiotics!!”)
  • York Bitter (“from the North East, TN = “refreshing”)
  • Alcazar (TN = “citrusy” by Steve, “has no middle eight but still good”, by Pete)
  • Ale Fresco (Greene Kinga, now available on draught in the Mayflower @ Rotherhithe, VERY nice)
  • Iceni Raspberry beer (tasting notes now abandoned due to being drunkz0r3d)
  • Robbie’s Unicorn
  • Buffy Mild
  • Bartram’s Stingo
  • Reepham Rapier Pale
  • Fyne Vital Spark
  • Exe Valley Barron’s Dark
  • Mighty Oak Oscar Wilde Mild
  • Arundel Summer Daze
  • Edwyn Taylor’s Extra Stout
  • Bargee
  • First Light
  • Rhuuhmmm Mumuus (by now the 2nd last drink of the evening – Pete?)
  • … and finally… Hop Devil (although the writing first led me to think “Mop Devil”)

YOUR TASK: which of these have I MADE UP???