In which two different types of food are rammed together in one. It came to me that pork is good with apples, and that there must be a fancy, schmancy way of presenting this that just a gloop of baby food on the side. Thus the idea of Pork Tatin was born. Its a tart tatin without the tart, and pork instead of pastry.

So slit and flatten a pork fillet and season. Fry for two minutes both sides in a very big frying pan. In the meantime caramelise some sugar in a baking tray (on the hob) and then cover with thinly sliced Bramley cooking apple. Place the pork on top of the apple and slam in the oven for 8 minutes (Gas 5-ish worked). Then up-end the tray on to you big serving plate and you have a wonderfully presented dish with nice half moons of caramelised apple on top.

At least that was the idea. What the prof of food forgot was that caramelised sugar = sticky and the method used for turning out a tortilla would not work. What actually happened was the pork fell on the plate, the apple stuck. And the apple was not coming off without serious scraping. Reducing the apple to a sticky gloop not unlike apple sauce. It tasted great, but lacked the presentational finesse I had hoped for.

But then I thought, Pork Strudle…