I always used to eat breakfast as a kid, going through the various cereals marketed at kids. As an adult, I kind of got out of breakfast in that ‘eat-at-home-before-leaving-for-work’ way. I’d have a cup of tea, and then grab a chocolate sausage roll (aka pain-au-chocolate). I’d occasionally eat cereals, but found them unsatisfying. Bran-based ones appealed to an inner health fascist, but not to my taste buds. Weetabix set a clock running where you eat them before they absorbed all the milk and become inedibly stodgy. It seemed daft to be racing against the clock that early into the day.

I’ve found the perfect breakfast cereal now though. Millet Rice.

They don’t look appetising, but they’re not so ‘branny’ as yer bran flakes. They have a nice subtle nuttiness. And, here’s the recipe for making a lovely breakfast:

– Millet Rice
– Yeo Valley Strawberry Yoghurt
– Fresh Strawberries
– Cinnamon

It’s simplicity itself. Add the flakes, cut some strawbs in, add several dollops of yoghurt and sprinkle some cinnamon. The yoghurt coats the flakes making them damp, not saturated as milk would. As a result, you can be distracted by the telly, radio, the paper or anything and pause without fear that the milk has changed the whole lot in a sloppy mess. The strawberries provide sweetness. The whole thing is delightfully moreish (had two bowls today). I even went to bed last night excited about having them next morning. Menko.