Normally, during the week, the only breakfast I manage is an alpen cereal bar, usually walking through the park on the way to work. this morning however I’m working from home, so I should be able to have a proper breakfast, or so i thought.

I woke up ‘late’ so had an alpen bar at my desk, then I kept on eating, in my usual working at home style (If I ever did work at home regularly I’d have to get Chris to put padlocks on the kitchen cuboards). In the past hour and a half I’ve had a peach (which gave me very unpleasant stubble burn, I’m sure I’ve still got peach hairs stuck in my chin) and polished off the leftovers of last nights ho fun noodles with char sui (which were much tastier cold this morning than they were last night)

It’s 12.05 now, so it’s lunch time! I was going to have the leftovers for lunch, so I’ll have to think of something else. There’s tongue on the fridge, and an onion and poppyseed bagel, but the bagel will be nicer toasted, so maybe I’ll use the bread we got. I could have the bagel tomorrow for lunch, instead, but by then it’ll be on the stale side and I won’t have time to toast it for breakfast, it would be a shame to waste it as they’re so tasty so I’d best have it today.

i’m sure that I’ll be working so hard this afternoon that I’ll have to have a break and a snack. There’s lots of fruit in the fruit bowl, so I’ll have an apple, but the plums aren’t ripe yet. Have you noticed how unsatisfactory apples are for filling you up? I suppose I’ll just have to go to the fridge and see if there’s anything else that needs eating up before it spoils. mmm, some strawberry and wholegrain yogurt you say? Just the thing to sit and watch tv with for a little break. And if I do really well and get lots of work done, then I can reward myself with another break. Goodness, there’s lots of cheese in the fridge that seems to be getting on a bit, can’t let that go to waste.

So what’s for tea, seeing as my husband will be back after a hard day at the office? Well, there’s three bags of salad in the fridge that need eating up……