Interweb Psychic Health Index: Arbitrary test of the Interweb’s well-being #1. Comparison of no. of people on top naughty file-sharing system *ou**ee* sharing i) Buju Banton’s much condemned dancehall anthem “Boom Bye Bye” which advocates shooting gay men; ii) Sex Boots Dread’s much ignored roots anthem “Tickle Tune” which advocates having sex with them.

“Boom Bye Bye”: 48 people.
“Tickle Tune”: 2 people.

This is 2 more people than last week, mind you.

As it happens “Tickle Tune” will likely be among the records played at the Fourth Freaky Trigger Club Night, which doubles as FT Co-Editor Tim Hopkins’ public birthday celebrations and takes place tomorrow. It starts at 6.30-ish and goes on until closing time probably. The location is London nitespot PARKER’S PLACE, on Parker Street off Kingsway near Holborn Tube, given a quite positive write-up in last week’s Evening Standard but don’t let that put you off. Entry is of course FREE. At around 8’o’clock the tracks from the next Freaky Trigger Focus Group will be played (covering July-September this year) – so come along before then and cast your vote.