THE PUB SEVEN DEADLY SINS: 1: Jukebox / MTV combo’s

Many pubs are now littered with televisions. Useful in sporting occasions, which therefore draw in the punters who drink more. Certainly I have spent many a happy afternoon in a Saloon, pint of India Pale Ale in hand watching two obscure football teams battle it out. Nevertheless, despite all the good works of Sky TV in this field, football is not on all of the time. And when it isn’t, the simple minded landlord will – rather than turn said goggle box off – like a five year old child they change the channel to the flashy, gaudy bauble channel.

Now I have nothing per se against MTV. I mean, I used to work for them and they were bastards, but the idea of music and video is not a priori abhorent to me. Its really the synchronicity aspect which bothers me. Y’see when they put MTV on, a certain breed of landlord will turn the sound down, and pop on the jukebox. So you get Eminem dancing wildly behind the bar, and Queen’s Greatest Hitson the juker. Of course the natural rule of opticals is that if a television is on, you will invariably watch it. Thus causing dizziness, nausea and a general irritation with the pub in general.

This – my friends – is pub deadly sin number one.