There are other crazy people willing to listen to the Merzbox.

Inspired by Jess’ note below, I wish to note that an employee at the most worthy Aquarius Records in San Francisco undertook listening to the entire Merzbox for review purposes — and to make the torture more exquisite, did so while on the job, therefore bringing coworkers and patrons into the equation as well. Crazy man.

The link up top won’t take you to the article itself, since it’s not on line — but it will take you to a description of where it’s published, namely in issue number 16 of the scabrous and hilarious Athens, Georgia-based zine Chunklet. Indie or recovering-indie fans with a healthy taste for the bitter will find much to love, as editor Henry Owings pulls no punches on the one hand and has oodles of friends on the other willing to contribute. It’s not all sarcastic — it’s not even all music — but it is all entertainment, the serious and the silly butting heads throughout, while the design alone is worth the investigating. Hop around the site, see if what’s on offer suits your sensibilities, then send Henry some money. It’s all for the good.