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Songs about or by puppets #7: Marvin Gaye – “I’m Your Puppet”
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Marvin, Marvin – where have you gone? Oh yeah, your dad shot you. And frankly with songs like this, do you blame him? Just look at the lyrics.
I’m just a toy, just a funny boy
That makes you laugh when you’re blue
I’ll be wond[…]

Songs about or by puppets #6: Keith Harris & Orville – “Orville’s Song”
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The controversy here is – is a ventriloquists dummy a puppet? Obviously its function is slightly different in the world of rubbish light entertainment, but I maintain that for being hand operated and anthropomorhic that yes, it is a puppet. And[…]

Songs about or by puppets #5: Robin The Frog – “Halfway Up The Stairs”
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Robin The Frog was Kermit The Frog’s nephew. He was a tiny little creature, whose main problem in life was:
a) Being a frog
b) Being a small frog
c) Being the nephew of a hyperactive maniac theatre manager and having to live down the ignomity […]

Songs about or by puppets #4: Metallica – “Master Of Puppets”
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Oh, they’re are a jolly band that there Metallica. There are plenty of stupid metal fans who saw Spinal Tap as a documentary, but only one band used it as a blueprint for a career. And Master Of Puppets is what you get if you have absolutely no[…]

Songs about or by puppets #3: Barry Grey – “Aqua Marina”
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After an exciting half hour of underwater daring do, with the brave Captain Troy Tempest saving the world what would be more stirring than a fine piece of outro music. Well obviously what would be more stirring would be a soppy (and sopping) ballad a[…]

Songs about or by puppets #2: Sandie Shaw – “Puppet On A String”
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It won the Eurovision Song Contest you know. Need any greater guarantee of its absolute wretchedness? A song which can appeal to non-native speakers is obviously going to have relatively banal lyrics. Nevertheless the metaphor being used here, that S[…]

Songs about or by puppets #1: Fuzzbox – “International Rescue”
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Walking down the street on the way to the pub the other day, I notice a big poster for an upcoming Thunderbirds film. As a youth I rather enjoyed the works of Gerry Anderson, theme-tunes notwithstanding, I found his childish simplicity and vision of […]

Damien Rice
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If the great god Poseidon made a record it could not be wetter than the puddly emanations of Irish good-for-nothing Damien Rice, a member of that lowest of all pop castes the singer-songwriter. Singer-songwriters need a gimmick, the simple truth bein[…]

Fool’s Told
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In a priceless interview with Pete ‘Just Researching’ Townshend about what a bully he thinks Michael Moore is, the following priceless line is thrown out.
“…he’ll have to work very, very hard to convince me that a man w[…]

IHM LYRIC WATCH Rachel Stevens – Some Girls
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Rachel Stevens – Some Girls
“Some girls always get what they wanna wanna
All I seem to get is the other other”
Two points to note about Ms Stevens’ song here. Firstly the grammar: because surely the other other[…]


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