It won the Eurovision Song Contest you know. Need any greater guarantee of its absolute wretchedness? A song which can appeal to non-native speakers is obviously going to have relatively banal lyrics. Nevertheless the metaphor being used here, that Sandie feel manipulated like a Puppet On A String, is never really followed through. Instead she goes off on a tangent about merry-go-rounds and fun fairs, where all the fun is in the air.

Well if she was shot from a cannon she would be in the air. What fun I think you’ll agree.

Sandie Shaw was not here real name of course. She chose the sobriquet based on the British coastline: apt as in the sixties the sandy shores were covered in crap. Here real name was Sandra Goodrich, which is not a pop star name and should have really tipped her the wink. She moans that her Eurovision entry ruined her career. Perhaps it did, though I suggest singing a stupid song about puppets may have also had a hand in it. That and the increase in international tourism. Why have a British Sandie Shaw, when you can have a Costa Del Sol (which does not make music).