I notice elsewhere, in my absence, some young scamp over on NYLPM has started a concept piece, some say think piece entitled the Alphabet Of Pop. Now no-one knows more than myself the beauty of lists, as my Week Of Wank and Breakfast Of Banality proves. Its cheap easy journalism and also gives one a built in deadline which battles stronger than the average slagging of Pavement with the Bombay Sapphire. So I have decided to counter such nonsense

(H is for Hits – I ask you, I’ll hit the poor blighter involved.) But why stick with something as banal as the standard English Alphabet, when we can show out culture and erudition instead.

So I present you, confusingly above this piece, but then I never understood the technology here, I Hate Music’s much more refined and in this culture of dumbing down – educational (and moreover right) GREEK ALPHABET OF PISS-POOR POP.