Ah Scotland. Home of the brave. And you would have to be brave to live near all those Scottish people. The Scot’s have a great history of musical crimes against humanity, starting with the bagpipe and continuing to this day through Travis. One of the interesting things about Scottish bands is their tendancy to sing in particulalry fake American accents, but I suppose this is to try and rub some of the shit that being Scottish automatically brings to the party. Because look at the bands that have sung in Scottish accents. Speccy twats The Proclaimers, and indeed Lord Rockingham’s XI.

I do not think that Lord Rockingham was a real lord. Though it would be the kind of useless diletanteism that Lord’s go in for, making novelty songs about how there is a large horned animal off the leash in your domicile. Funny you see because said in a Scottish accent this becomes :There’s A Moose Loose About This House. In Scotland apparently the word Moose rhymes with house. Much like bunch of twats means exactly the same as Lord Rockingham’s XI.

The thing about novelty records is that by definition they are only a novelty the first time. There should not be a second time. WHich proved to be the case career-wise for his lordship, though the song unfortunately has staying power wherever someone over seventy wants to get up and dance. And Scotland. And that’s another reason why its the land of the brave. After all, brave is another word for stupid.