Beta Band Members One: I’ve written this really morose dull song.
Beta Band Member Two: I know why don’t we make it even worse by playing the worst theme tune to the worst science fiction film ever over it.
Beta Band Member Three: Ace. Ginchy. I’ve got an idea. How about Writing a song about how we all met and made our triumphant first album.
Beta Band Member Four: Super. Let’s do it in five different styles, none of which we are adept at.
Beta Band Member Five: Hey, have you heard this sample Daydream in Blue.
Beta Band Member Six: Yeah, it sounds really good in all the other songs that use it.
Beta Band Member Seven: Why don’t we do a rubbish song with it in then.
Beta Band Member Eight: Ace. How many members of the Beta Band are there?
Beta Band Member Nine: In theory, as long as you have no musical ability at all, you are in. So nearly Four Billion.