3-4 fennel bulbs
2oz butter ( = quarter of a butter)
1 x cup double cream (use the whole cup-sized carton)
6 oz parmesan (this is abt 3/4 of the slice you generally get)
Pork loin chops

a: grate the parmesan
b: meanwhile heat oven to gas mark 6-ish, 350°F, 175°C
c: slice the fennel (top and tail, then quarter vertically)
d: place fennel in large oven-proof dish, dot with butter, float in cream, smother in parmesan (but keep abt 1/3 back for later), grind fresh pepper on top — ideally it should all be packed in there
e: put foil over top, shiney side inwards (or lid if dish has lid)
f: bake four 1xhour until cheese is melted, creamy sauce is blending, fennel is tender
g: remove foil, add remaining parmesan, ram cooker up to high for 10-15 mins
h: fry pork loin chops, using foil to protect world from spitting fat
i: turn regularly, prob require abt 1-12 mins
j: cut pork up into chunks with scissors, pour cheesy fennel bake over the lot
k: consume OM NOM NOM
l: then straight to casualty w.suspected fatty deposit round heart