Because we’ve been talking about this all over Poptimists and at Poptimism, and it needs its own Freaky Trigger mention for sheer grime/chicken amazingness….

AH! The embedding isn’t working so youtube link to Junior Spesh instead!


WTF who pays 20p extra for mayonnaise? Look, mayonnaise is foul anyway, you freaks, and second of all – 20p extra for sauces?! ZOMG, I dunno where these Red Hot guys are from but in SE14 you get free mayonnaise and ketchup even if you don’t want it – they are sort of swirled together in a tub in a yin yang like pattern?? And once I was drunk and thought it was a strawberry yoghurt thing and we were getting free pudding? And then I put it in my mouth and it was FOUL MAYONNAISE. Hitten da heart that’s a sick. I HATE MAYONNAISE >:(

We are assuming a junior spesh is £1.50 for 1pc, chips and a drink. We wouldn’t know, because we always go for the 2pcs and chips for £1.99 option. In Dallas Fried Chicken on Brixton Road, sometimes you used to get a sneaky extra bonus hot wing underneath. We were good customers there… whatever is £1.99 in the chicken shop will usually do you, either 2pcs and chips or 1pc, 3x hot wings and chips. NOM NOM DIRTY CHICKEN.