This evening at 7PM on Resonance FM, we’re proud to announce the return of Freaky Trigger And The Lollards Of Pop, our hour-long radio show which mixes talk, music, insight and foolishness in arbitrary amounts.

Here’s what the scheduler says:

“New day, new slot, same foolish game: brainy people wasting their gifts and your time in the best ways they can think of! Serious about the silly stuff, silly about the serious, the interweb’s one sane collective starts up again on air, to do once more what it does best: lolling in the high church of low culture, dropping science so you can pick it up again. This week live from the radio room on the Kon Tiki, the Victorian world of fizzog fungi, HATS! where they went and will they return? plus the Advert Scientician Handwaving Awards…

Host: Mark Sinker. Guests: Kat Stevens, Magnus Anderson, Katie Grocott plus Eli Sessions on knobs and Texan charm.”

Listen to us online at the Resonance link. We’re on every week until well into the New Year and there’s a lot of good stuff planned.

One advance warning: next week the show falls on No Music Day, as decreed by Bill Drummond. We will not be breaking the music ban on air, but we WILL be uploading certain tracks to the FT server so you can fill in the musical gaps yourselves. Watch this space for that, and for details of a tentative lollard toe-poke into social networking.

But in the meantime, here is a little compilation to wet your appetite for tonight.