7. Mello Core – Good Feeling 

Another great transition here – the final note of ‘Something Good’ dies out, exhausted after the Saints’ techno onslaught. In floats a soothing female voice over dreamy strings: “And my mind’s wide open baby, I won’t let this feeling go…” Hippy mush celebrating the pleasurable effects of substance abuse, perhaps – but Mello Core lend an ethereal magic to the centre of Rave ’92 with this atmospheric hardcore track, filled with insistent high-hats and eerie delayed synth bibbling.

‘Good Feeling’ made little impression on the charts, and had even less of an impact on 11-year-old Kat. Whereas The Shamen, Bizarre Inc and even Messiah supplied instant dance-pop hits with plenty of silliness, Mello Core seemed serious, dark and intense. Thankfully my serious, dark and intense teenage years were just around the corner, and I began to think fondly of ‘Good Feeling’ as a miserable song that just happened to have some euphoric lyrics tacked on the top! Whilst not actually miserable in the least, the track is definitely insular and personal. The pauses in the bass line let the ambience flood through the gaps and slosh around the hypnotic, immersive vocals. If I close my eyes, I’m back in my old bedroom waving my arms around and pretending I’m the only person left in the universe.

These days ‘Good Feeling’ is one my favourite tracks on Rave ’92, not least thanks to its obscurity – you’ll rarely hear this one down the student disco whilst Utah Saints is generally a safe bet. ‘Good Feeling’s lack of prominence in the rave canon is slightly surprising given that it was released on PWL records – a label not usually shy of publicity (or cash-in ’95 remixes). Mello Core’s Keith Mac went on to form the cleverly-titled  Keith Mac Project with some success, but ‘Good Feeling’ was seemingly consigned to the old record box in the rave attic. A shame – this is one of the select few songs that makes my brain feel like I’m standing under a lovely hot shower.

Watch the video to ‘Something Good’ on YouTube (featuring various FT contributors!)