r. kelly pleads case…in song: r. kelly delivered a new single, entitled — no joke — “heaven, i need a hug,” to chicago radio station wgci. listener response has been incredible — the song topped the station’s top 9 at 9 countdown. in the song, kelly takes aim at backstabbers, asks listeners to prolong judgement until all the facts are out there, and he tells the ladies to stop depending on men and to put their faith in the Man upstairs. having tuned in to the local urban stations in new york, i’m not surprised by the positive response since most new yorkers are either saying: (a) “let he who is without sin…” or (b) “wait until the facts…” and sometimes (c) “he’s in this position because he’s young, black, and wealthy…” dissenters are few but, as usual, they’re speaking for the Lord.