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Mar 12

Lost Property Office 4: Tilda Swinton, Queen Of Atlantis

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And we are back in the Lost Property Office, this week with the fearless Kat Stevens who is the first of our guests to shun the sometimes predictable CD route to music, and instead pick a USB stick. And what a USB stick it is too, look at the photo for crimes against promotional USB’s! In today’s episode we talk long and hard about Prague, Private Eye, The Lost City Of Atlantis and how cool it must have been. Kat reveals her superpower, thus destroying her secret identity once and for all. We hear about Japanese Ninja Number One, Japanese Geisha Number One and I briefly fantasise about presenting the Radio One Rock Show, without really knowing if such a thing even exists any more.

As ever, if you recognise any of the music, or the items, please let us know in the comments, and keep losing stuff losers, because without your losses, there would be no show.


Mar 12

Lost Property Office 3: Karen Dixon 3-Day Eventer

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Week three of the new FreakyTrigger podcast (in association with SOAS Radio), the Lost Property Office. This week my guest is Pamela Hutchinson of Silent London London’s premiere Silent Film website. Pam dived into the pile of lost property and dragged up an object, a book and a CD which whose scrawled cover lied to us significantly. In this weeks show we consider the plot to Home Alone 3: Lost In Birkenhead, Stuart Murdoch: International Jewel Thief, Maureen Lipman’s Travel Tips and are surprised by just how easy Gaelic is as a language. We unsurprisingly talk a little on silent film, and I fear I may accidentally insult Pam’s husband and mother. But not her second cousin, who we all agree is rather cool (as are her husband and mother) Ahem!

This weeks right-wing namecheck is a shout-out to SOAS Alumni Enoch Powell, who loved to holiday in France whilst penning inflammatory speeches no doubt.

As ever if you recognise any of the music, or own any of the items in this weeks Lost Property office and want to be reunited, feel free to drop us a line in the comments (click more for the comments). And general comments are always welcome, if you have lost anything let us know!


Mar 12

Waltz-bin Matilda

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Here at FT Towers we enjoy a tipple or two – inevitably this often turns into One Too Many and fate finds your hapless correspondents firmly planted within the bin.

Ah, the bin of ruin! Some of us have visited the bin so many times we could get our own Bin Passport and live there for ever.

BUT! If you’re permanently in the bin, what do you do when you sober up?


Lost Property Office 2: The First Days Of Disco

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Welcome to week two of the new FreakyTrigger podcast (in association with SOAS Radio), the Lost Property Office. This week my guest is Sarah Clarke who did not get her hands too dirty in her rummage through the office, alighting on three items and a CD which belied its origin considerably. In this weeks show we talk about missing monkey T-Shirts (more people lose clothes than I would imagine), young persons phones, pencils, the difference between Central and East Asia, the word “Flip” gets said A LOT (but its not rude so that’s OK) and the state of world records in 1980 whilst Norris McWhirter (but not Ross) was still compiling the Guinness Book Of Records.

Apologies to listeners for
a) getting the manner of Ross McWhirter’s death wrong. He was, of course, shot by the IRA
b) Comparing the Guinness Book Of Records, no matter how obliquely, to Mein Kampf.

As ever if you recognise any of the music, or own any of the items in this weeks Lost Property office and want to be reunited, feel free to drop us a line in the comments (click more for the comments).


Mar 12

“don’t have nightmares, do sleep well”

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<--- Jane Eyre‘s Mr Rochester, in Charlotte Brontë’s (digital) mind’s eye.

From Brian Joseph Davis’s The Composites: “Images created using law enforcement composite sketch software and descriptions of literary characters”

Mar 12


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#688, 1st May 1993

Britain has a Pop Establishment as surely as it has a political one, and the charity tribute gig is its equivalent of a State Funeral. The line-up for the Freddie Mercury celebration at Wembley Arena is a curious thing, reflecting not just how much of a fixture Queen had become but how awkward it was to actually place them. On the one hand a bunch of hard rock and metal acts influenced by Queen, on the other a roll-call of British pop’s great and good, queueing up to try on Freddie’s stack heels.


Mar 12

devinez-vous ma théorie: du texte en-dehors rien il n’est

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Mar 12

Lost Property Office 1: CSI: Max Factor

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Welcome to the new FreakyTrigger podcast (in association with SOAS Radio), a whimsical trip through the lost and found of life. We’ve been thinking of various audio projects for a while since Lollards and Slug Of Time finished, and before anything grand turns up, here is this little flibbertygibbet of a weekly podcast. Your host Pete Baran (that’s me, talking about myself Alan Shearer like in the third person) drags his guests through the cavernous lost property office in SOAS where they discover surprising books, music and items whilst discussing things they have lost along the way.

In the first edition, Hazel Robinson and Magnus Anderson are the first brave guests, testing out the dumb questions, invading the privacy of lost items and finding out how much you can learn from someone from their make-up bag? Live music from Magnus, Young Adult Horror, the Politics of Space and Ballbuster! The photo shows the items discovered, and please use the comments if you recognise anything, if its your make-up bag or you recognise any of the music.

Mar 12

Sad coincidence: Philip Madoc RIP

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Quite unrelatedly, I was listening to Stan Tracey’s version of “Under Milk Wood” only this morning, thanks to punctum’s Pink Floyd essay: of course the narrator is Merthyr Tydfil-born Madoc, doing all Dylan Thomas’s voices (as he no doubt had many other times). Also a Doctor Who stalwart: just one of those fixtures, really. Only 77.

(<-- He's not on this one, I don't think: but I spent long hours as a kid poring over the cover as I listened to my parents' copy, so I can't help the association.)

Mar 12

master vs chef: all the commanding mouths to feed

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In which one syllabubdobdee (who he?) dives into the complexities of “audience response theory” as it applies to Masterchef.
(And introducing Blogging Doesn’t Get Tougher Than This, an outlet for people who can’t not watch food programming on television…: ps not just featuring me as a commentator, either)