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mornington crescent
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aka web 4.0[…]


Rob Emo Watch (Return!)
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i wasn’t really watching closely enough to make this an actual real REW, but tonight’s ep of robin h. featured LOLLARDRY! (or at least wycliffism)
UPDATE: didn’t think properly about this last night — robin is set in the reig[…]

The Top Five Reasons I WILL Follow You On Twitter
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For some reason I keep getting suckered into clicking through tinyURLs to things like this old Mashable piece, in which someone lists their reasons for NOT following people on Twitter and then all the comments crew slap each other on the back for rea[…]

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 3, Week 6
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Musical Euthenasia with Kat, Pete, Sarah and Magnus.

babynaming 3: spell of the unown
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1: the pretty strata of all names
2: the peak of glinda
3: the epic arrival of xzavier
4: the return of jasper
5: the strange career of unknown[…]

Yes Guru, Yes Method, Yes Teacher
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Simon Reynolds talks about “artists as portals” in The Guardian, specifically referring to the NME’s “Portrait Of The Artist As A Consumer” column of yore. This kind of thing is still popular – Pitchfork’s &#[…]

Suspicious? Don’t be ridiculous!
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Two recent results from the South African Vodacom Second Division:
Young Pirates 2 Real Madrid (not that Real Madrid) 26
Namaqua Stars 50 Kakamus Cosmos 0
Extraordinarily, the South African FA is suspicious, and is investigating. They’ve alrea[…]

No Guru, No Method, No Teacher
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I am writing a piece for a market research mag on the current “hottest thinkers” that industry people like to namecheck. Inevitably many of these people are as much derided as loved, so I decided to ‘crowdsource’ a list of the[…]

The Whale In The Room
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Oi writers! Do you want to co-write a play? Then Resonance FM has a job for you: “to tweet the thoughts, exchanges and reactions of these characters over a period of two weeks. They will then fashion a script from the material, and record the p[…]

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 3, Week 5
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Eli, Mark and Marianna talk false wisdom, regrets, identity and politics.


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