I am writing a piece for a market research mag on the current “hottest thinkers” that industry people like to namecheck. Inevitably many of these people are as much derided as loved, so I decided to ‘crowdsource’ a list of the most overpraised intellectuals, using Twitter and LJ. Here it is, and YOU can decide on the worst intellectual of all using the power of votes. (You get 3 each).

A couple of people were excluded for not fitting any reasonable definition of intellectual, and a couple more were excluded for being dead (also, if I’d put Ayn Rand in it would have been a one-horse race). Otherwise what you see is everyone nominated. So: VOTE! (For up to three people)

Worst Living Intellectual

  • Alain De Botton 20%
  • Malcolm Gladwell 17%
  • Noam Chomsky 12%
  • Guy Kawasaki 12%
  • Seth Godin 10%
  • Edward De Bono 9%
  • Michael Ignatieff 8%
  • Dan Snow 3%
  • Richard Florida 2%
  • John Gray 2%
  • Jakob Nielsen 2%
  • Charles Handy 2%
  • Nicholas Nassim Taleb 2%
  • Dan Ariely 1%

Total Voters: 74

Poll closes: 10 Apr 2009 @ 10:42

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