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The Fantastic Four
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We went to see Fantastic Four yesterday and…it was pretty good! Really! It was fine. Underrated even! I’ll leave Pete or one of those, you know, film people to talk about it as a movie, and I’m going to talk a bit about its relation[…]

my dinner snack w.ned
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(and emsk and stev!e ch!ck) wz v.nice, w.plenty of top rockchat, and they said they enjoyed their sandwiches, which is good bcz i suggested we go to angel’s cheap and languid courtyard cafe, even though i (afterwards) recalled i had the second […]

The Fantastic 3-Iron
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There are two films out there which feature invisible characters. One is the Fantastic Four which I have not seen yet:the other is 3-Iron, a Korean oddity from Kim Ki-Duk. An oddity because it starts of as a deadpan silent movie, then turns into a bi[…]

Another Day, Another Planet
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GOSH WOW massive great planet found on edge…of…solar…syzzzzzzzzz…
Even the BBC, keen sponsor of new planets (“Quaoar Blimey!”) is struggling to seem interested in this “great discovery”.[…]

Rap Poetry Chaucer Yawn
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This should not be a BBC News story. Does this Canadian bloke, Baba Brinkman, really think that he is the first person to think of turning Chaucer into a rap?
This is COURSEWORK, not ART.[…]

Cultural Imperialism (in a good way)
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sistrah becky heard a dancehall toaster* on a hackney pirate station doing an um hommage to Cräzy Frøg, complete with many excellent jungle-style samples etc…
APB to the knowledgeable – is this available on record (or whatever you pop […]

On The (Open) Sauce
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The Worlds First Open Source Beer Recipe
Except for all those ones in beermaking books. And the ones on the back of the tubs from Boots, they were pretty open source, in as much as they were not secret, or copyrighted or anything.
Indeed this article[…]

And more importantly, a great new dance blog
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In which some of THEE best writers on music, electronic beat oriented or otherwise — Jess Harvell, Tim Finney, Ronan Fitzgerald, Brian Mackro, Ethan Padgett, Vahid Fozi (correct me if that is not your last name, Vahid!), Andy Kellman, Phil Sher[…]

Ned’s ego slosh fest alert about a new column
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First installment up on Stylus Magazine, called Scraping the Barrel. All thoughts, abuse, etc. welcomed.[…]

Vanishing Pubs
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CAMRA have pub preservation officers in their local groups. Just a note that the one in North London has been doing a pretty bad job of it lately. Three pubs of my acquaintance have closed down, or even knocked down in the last couple of months. But […]


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