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Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 3, Week 12
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Pete, Rob, William and Bec – licensed to ill.

Food Science Question: Boiling Water
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So I was in the pub the other day and suddenly one of our number asked: why don’t we use water from the hot tap in the kettle, or in the water when we need boiling water. Its already hotter, so it will use less energy, and if the alternative is[…]


Poptimism / When A Child Is Born Edition
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This Friday, 29th May, sees the return of Poptimism, FreakyTrigger’s super special pop music club night. Now in its new home upstairs at the Horse by Lambeth North Tube, supplying the finest pop music and other surprises to a beer drinking hard[…]

Neufchâtel (Cheesy Lover #1)
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Hello! I have a cheesy ambition, and that’s to eat and review every cheese available in Borough Market.  I’ll take requests,  if there’s a cheese that you want to see reviewed.
SPOILER ALERT: I have tried *quite a lot* of these ch[…]

Menswear. And Womenswear too.
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What to say about In The Loop? Its a satire and its sweary. Like most good satires it is also a fantastically angry film, weaving its scatological comedy around the reason British people are most angry with their government in the last ten years, the[…]

This Used To Be The 90s
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Ages ago (1999, to be exact) I did a “Top 100 Singles Of The 90s” series here. While contemplating whether to go for a 00s one (and where to do it, if so), I decided to put a Spotify playlist of the old list together.
And here it is.
64 t[…]

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 3, Week 11
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It’s a two-fer today as we finally get last week’s recording sorted out. This week: Fear. Pure fear. Tim Hopkins, Pete Baran, Mark Sinker, Kat Stevens and Elisha Sessions play ostensibly scary music and absolutely no Toby Keith in what mu[…]

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 3, Week 10
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pop and politics
host: tim hopkins
guests: mark sinker, alix campbell, al ewing
knobs: carsmile steve hewitt
music: “soul power” by james brown, “fascist groove thang” by heaven 17, “the taliban song” by toby keith[…]


Maria Larsson’s Neverlasting Moments
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Everlasting Moments is a film about photography. Its also a Angela’s Ashes-esque mopeathon set in 1910’s Sweden where an abusive husband knocks around his wife and seemingly endless number of kids in a two hours advert for hard times. Luc[…]

Eurovision: One Year Later
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Almost a year ago I wrote this post – “5 Point Plan For The UK To Win Eurovision”, defining “win” as “maybe come a respectable fifth”.
And here we are: a respectable fifth. So let’s see which bits of my[…]


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