So I was in the pub the other day and suddenly one of our number asked: why don’t we use water from the hot tap in the kettle, or in the water when we need boiling water. Its already hotter, so it will use less energy, and if the alternative is said water in the tank going cold, it would be more environmentally friendly.

My kneejerk reaction, was something to do with stagnancy and hot water tanks. But then, we’re boiling the water – so that should kill all the microscopic nasties off. And I’ve never seen macroscopic or even just scopic nasties in my bathwater (at least not before I get in it, where I BECOME the macroscopic nasty). So would we be saving the planet more by using up water from the hot tank. And does it taste worse? Food scientists, I leave it to you, as I don’t drink hot drinks that often.